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Winter Passion Fruit Sugar Scrub

Winter Passion Fruit Sugar Scrub

Buffs off the dead skin and leaves you with soft supple skin!


Tell Me More:

This sugar scrub is a natural way to exfoliate and soften your skin. Sugar crystals and poppy seeds form a gentle scrub,  while shea butter and oils nourish and softens you skin. This scrub will leave you feeling soft and smooth. This is what we called PAMPERED!


Scent:  Juicy passion fruit and pimento berries playfully mingle with sweet orchid and plumeria, balanced out with spicy cocoa and wood. Lounging in a tropical paradise with a fruity concoction.


Top: Passion Fruit, Pimento Berry

Middle: Plumeria, Orchid, Papaya

Base: Cocoa, Guaiacwood, Copal

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