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Me First: 100 Days of Self Care (Self Care Planner)

Me First: 100 Days of Self Care (Self Care Planner)

Practice self care WITHOUT having any INTERRUPTIONS from school, work, or family life. 


My Self Care Planner Includes:


1. Weekly Affirmations: Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome and challenge any self sabotaging or negative thoughts.


2. A Weekly Self Assessment: My assessment will help you gain clarity on how you are feeling and what self care activities will truly benefit you.


3. Time Management Planner: Effectively planning your self care days will help you practice self care without any interruptions.


4. Daily Self Care Checklist: I’ve created a list with small and easy self care activities you can add into your everyday schedule. You just have to check off at least 2 activities per day. 


5. Bonus! Self Care Tips and Tricks: Each week I have included different self care activities, recipes, or routines you can try at home. 

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