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Struggle With Practicing Self Care?

Well it's about to get a lot easier. Our self care planner helps you plan one full self care day each week with just 4 simple steps. Plus we also help you fit small self care activities into your everyday busy schedule.

This is self care made easy! 

Because Men Deserve Self Care Too!

Fellas get ready to pamper yourselves! Checkout our new men's collection which includes body butters, body oils, body sprays, and candles. This collection was made just for you!

Our Story

A Few Words From Owner
Tyiesha Dorsett

My self care journey started in September 2020 but let’s go back a little. January 2021 I was killing it as a makeup artist. I’d just completed my first tv/film gig, worked with a fashion designer, bills were getting paid, and things were looking promising. Then in March 2021 the pandemic hit and I panicked. How was I going to make money if I couldn’t take clients? How was I going to pay my bills? What was I going to do? I began spending all of my time trying to figure out new ways to make money and y’all, my anxiety was through the roof. I wasn’t sleeping well, eating right and I would stay up all day and night watching master minds. Then I noticed all of my friends were going through same thing and thought this isn’t healthy. I started asking myself how could we have a balance of working hard and taking care of ourselves during these uncertain times. That’s when the idea of my planner came to mind. If we could just take 5-10 minutes to figure out what self care activities would truly help us each week and effectively plan a self care day, we could have a work/life balance. 


My body care collection came a long because although I was showering everyday I wasn’t going any where so I’d stop wearing perfume or dressing up which began to change my mood. This just wasn’t me. I started making bath salts, sugar scrubs, body butters and oils that smelled amazing. Just taking a relaxing bath, exfoliating my skin, and moisturizing just made me feel good. My planner and body care collection wasn’t just something I wanted to keep to myself, I wanted to share with others who may be struggling with anxiety, depression or people who are overworking themselves or just need some “me time”. My goal is to help people practice self care so we can feel better and practice mindfulness. 

Give Your Skin A Moisture Boost! 

Superset For Hydrated Skin!


Exfoliate with our

sugar scrub.


Step 2
Moisturize with our body butter.

Step 3
Seal with our body oil.

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See What People Are Saying!



I absolutely love my Bath and Body bundle! The Journal has been keeping me on track with my weekly self-care. Reminding me to take time so I could become the best version of myself. I use all the products for my bathing routine. The message oil is the cherry on top. Thank you My Beauty Is Self Care!




Absolutely love the products. Packaging is beautiful. The oil is silky and smooth. The bath scrub is creamy yet gives your skin a nice exfoliation. Everything smells delicious. The book is awesome. I read and work in it every night before bed. It really helps me stay on track with daily self care.


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