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Helping you easily incorporate self care into your everyday routine!

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Practice self care


having any 

from school, work, or family life

You Deserve it!

Self-care allows  you to recharge, reconnect, and recuperate. Your mind, body, and soul needs to be well so you can be all you want to be. You can't help anyone if you’re depleted. When you are full of vitality and love, you can give vitality and love. I created a self care planner that helps you easily incorporate self care into your everyday routine. Let me help you be the best version of you!


my planner will HELP you:

  • Effectively carve out time for self care.
  • Practice self care activities that truly help you feel better.
  • Add a little self care into your everyday routine.
  • Take your time back!
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how my planner works!

My Self Care Planner Includes:

Weekly Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome and challenge any self sabotaging or negative thoughts.


Self Assessment

My assessment will help you gain clarity on how you are feeling and what self care activities will truly benefit you.



Time Management Planner

 Effectively planning your self care days will help you practice self care without any interruptions.


Daily Self Care Checklist

I’ve created a list with small and easy self care activities you can add into your everyday schedule. You just have to check off at least 2 activities per day. 



Bonus! Self Care Tips and Tricks

Each week I have included different self care activities, recipes, or routines you can try at home. 


Plus, we also have self care bundles!

Brown and Black Minimal Corporate Law Fi

Rose Quartz body care Collection

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(VALUE $85)

These bundles come with relaxing body care products to help you start your self care journey right.

This collection comes with Me First: 100 Days Of Self Care, a rose quartz milk bath, body scrub, and body oil. 


Lavender body care Collection

(VALUE $21)

This collection comes with an oatmeal lavender bath salt, body scrub, and body oil.



I absolutely love my Bath and Body bundle! The Journal has been keeping me on track with my weekly self-care. Reminding me to take time so I could become the best version of myself. I use all the products for my bathing routine. The message oil is the cherry on top. Thank you My Beauty Is Self Care!



Absolutely love the products. Packaging is beautiful. The oil is silky and smooth. The bath scrub is creamy yet gives your skin a nice exfoliation. Everything smells delicious. The book is awesome. I read and work in it every night before bed. It really helps me stay on track with daily self care.


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Everything You'll Get!

here's everything you'll get in your self care bundle!

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Total Value of $115

Me First: 100 Days Of Self Care ($37 value)

Rose Quartz Milk Bath ($23 value)

Rose Quartz Body Scrub ($24 value)

Rose Quartz Body Oil ($20 value)

Plus 2 FREE Skincare Gifts:

Rose Gold Glitter Pen ($8 value) 

Body Sponge ($3 value) 



founder of my beauty is self care

As a busy entrepreneur I know how difficult it is to make time for YOU. If you work a 9-5, are a busy mom, or an entrepreneur you probably struggle with putting time aside for yourself just like me. The kids need breakfast, you're constantly doing overtime, you stayed up all night editing your website, or orders need to be packed and shipped. Before you know it your whole day, well in most cases your whole week is gone and you didn't take anytime to care for yourself.


I believe practicing self care is how you stay balanced and give your family, friends, business, and job the best version of you. When you nourish yourself you can conquer anything. I created My Beauty Is Self Care to help you stay balanced and help your inner and outer beauty shine bright. 

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